Myles Kleinfeld

Myles' interest in art started at the age of eight when he was enrolled in the Cherry Hill (NJ) Art League. Myles continued his studies there until he was 12, taking courses in drawing, painting, and sculpture and participating in several shows.

In 1976, Myles began taking photography classes all through high school. His teacher suggested he explore a career in photography. Myles liked that idea and in 1981 he entered the Photo Program at Stockton College where he studied under noted photographer and author Joel Sternfeld.

In 1982, Professor Sternfeld recommended that Myles go to Rochester Institute of Technology, and their School of Photographic Arts and Sciences. With Sternfeld's recommendation letter and a review of Myles's portfolio he was accepted into the Photography Program. His four years of photographic studies focused on the materials and processes of photography, camera and lens science and an emulsion science program sponsored by Eastman Kodak. Myles also studied with such noted photographers as Walker Evans and Bea Nettles.

Myles began creating computer art in 1984 using the Mac 2 which led him to a minor in Computer Sciences at R.I.T.

In 1986, Myles moved to NYC and began his career in production and post-production in the NYC Film and Television Industry. Myles' art gravitated toward the NYC Bowery punk scene, and he produced televised punk rock shows for CBGB's, Billy Crystal and he developed relationships with the Andy Warhol Factory group members.

In 1993, Myles moved to San Francisco after being recruited to be a producer of graphics and production in film and television for 'On Tape Productions.' He started shooting photography again in 2001 and using digital photography. This offered him the opportunity to shoot and print images instantaneously without the time, hassle and expense of labs and exposure to harsh chemicals.

The focus of his work was on two dimensional walls, removing himself and his emotions from the compositions. Experimenting with Photoshop, Myles would occasionally superimpose animals, fish, and religious figures into the images.

In 2008, Myles joined the Art Guild of Pacifica and was regularly accepted into Juried Shows by the Curators of the Guggenheim Museum in New York, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, Queens Museum of Art, Sacramento Crocker Museum, San Jose Museum of Art, Fresno Museum of Art, and others. His work continued to focus on two dimensional spaces and the abstract relationships between objects.

In 2010, Myles began fine-tuning his vision of Minimalist Photography. He wanted the viewer to experience his art without the distractions of theme and other elements from traditional photography. His work's literal presence was not intended to symbolize anything. Objects and colors were not used to express feeling or mood, but simply to delineate space. Myles rejected the idea that art should reflect the personal expression of its creator. His lack of emotion and subconscious decision-making hides his presence and feelings in each image.

Keeping to his minimalist ideas, in 2007, Myles decided to use the keyboard strokes as his subject matter. Question marks, exclamation points and keyboard letters all became subjects in his early digital work.

In 2012, Myles joined the Board of Directors of the Pacifica Art Guild and Sanchez Art Center. His passion for educating young people about art and it's role in society led him to join both the Membership Committee and the Oceana Art Gallery Committee.

Myles is starting 2013 with several solo shows in San Francisco. The first opening is on March 3rd from 4 pm to 6 pm at the Bottle Cap, 1707 Powell St. The telephone number is 415-529-2237.

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