I create each picture with a concept that has already formed in my mind before I start an art project or do a physical image. I can see that picture in my imagination based on an emotion I experienced or events in my life that caused a reaction in me such as anger, joy, sadness, etc.

In my mind, I can see the colors I will use, but rely on Photoshop to surprise me with extraordinary colors, saturations and permeations that accompany my original vision. I rely on Photoshop technology to make my visions that much stronger.

3 Woman at a bar Thunderstorm The Clovis Scratches On Bay Street Nude female B Sheet Music
Forward Slash My Valentine The Bar near 111 minna Spirals and circles The night Club Los Gatos
The Lyceum Math The Funeral 2 Q’s # 5 Female Nude #5 Female Nude # 5
Hurt Rise of the Ellipticals The 8 The Cryiing M Waves At Sunset Sharks
3R’s # 3 2 B’s The Hug      

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