Inspired by Frank Stella and Ellsworth Kelly, this body of work rejects the need for social comment, self-expression, narrative, or any other allusion to history, politics, or religion. It is based simply on creating objects of interest and beauty.

Brushes Rising of the Paper Weight The Owl In Glass Orange Glass Bubbles Brushes blue paper weight
blue glass like water dark purple vase colors in objects at yard sale leaf in green vase purple vase home on an old globe
glass cracks on black Factory Wall Spindrift Wall #3 Pattern Behind Green Glass Car Square Blue Construction
Crack Diagonal Mud Drips Fiberglass Finger Marks on Metal Green Confetti Horizontal Blue Scrape
Mud Rain on Steel Mud Streaks on White and Red Red Ball with Pink Stripe Red Ocean Self Portrait Shower Door # 8
Spray Paint on Glass Tire # 2B Tire Tread # 3 Vertical Metal and Dirt Zero Double Zero  

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