I was bedridden for several months in 2011 and could not get outdoors to shoot photos. Being bored, and wanting to be creative, I began using computer keyboard strokes as subject matter, and then began fooling around with different shapes and colors in Photoshop.

Keyboard shapes have no connection to politics, religion or physical reality other than that each one is an individual symbol and is just that, a keyboard stroke. What emerged because of using the keyboard as subject matter began to look like "Pop Art." I became personally familiar with this art movement when I interacted with Andy Warhol's friends while I was living in NYC in the 1980's.

I became more and more comfortable with my use and understanding of color. The rules of using conservative colors which I was familiar with from my undergraduate years became vague references when started using Photoshop to create colors that were bright and bold. I emerged from a "bland" pallet of photographic color temperatures to experience a colored world which I had created.

parenthesis wave battle of the plus signs ss_cactus parenthesis blu and red Lotus Flower Parentheses  
S #2 The Period Commas In Love Not At Mark the ExclamationMark the Exclamation Straight Percentage  
Circle with Hole Minus Division Plus Mark in Question Caffeine Expressed Chemically  
The Falling of the S            

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